Balance Your StructureUse experience and precision to decrease pain naturally and build a resilient structure

Natural efficient musculoskeletal pain relief is facilitated by a dynamic balance of strength and flexibility      (see the first diagram)

An over-strong structure is a structure that is stiff and rigid thus limiting repair and leading to problems.  An overly flexible structure is structurally  unstable and gets out of alignment or “goes out”           (see the second diagram)

My goal is to help create focused flexibility  to help rebalance your spine and get out of pain.        (see the third diagram)



Ideal balanced structure reorganizes each moment in order to optimize strength and flexibility. This balance is helped by repetitive training and by experimenting with new ways to focus and stabilize our structure. Self balancing happens when there is no interference to an instinctive process.



Physical structure and other structures in our lives can get out of balance. When your spine is out of balance it becomes overly strong leading to stiffness or overly flexible leading to instability or more likely we become stiff in parts of us and unstable in parts of us. This happens because we inherit a predisposition to imbalance, we have ongoing physical or emotional stress, we have trauma or injuries or we have an inappropriate lifestyle for our body.diagram2a



My goal is to help us self balance our frames and bodies. When the structure has become stiff or ridged we can help create flexibility in the joints and shift physical habits to adapt to new and more efficient structures. If the structure has become unstable we can help the structure align to protect and prevent injuries and recover from old injuries.diagram3a

Dr. Tucker is precise and knows exactly what to do. I got better much faster than I expected.

– Joe Stelliga